BG Technical Characteristics

Base material: Bronze or high tensile brass with solid lubricating inserts
20 to 30% of sliding surface.
Possibility of lubricating film of 20 microns to ease start up process and avoid “stick-slip”

Table of general characteristics of MECAUTO bearings

Specific / dynamic / static load MPa 50*
Temperature -10…+250* -10….+100*
Friction Coefficient μ 0,04…0,20 0,80…0,15
Maximium speed m/min 18* 30
Shaft Tol. e7 – e8 f7 – f8
Shaft rugosity Ra. 0,8…1,6 0,8…1,6
Housing Tol. H7 H7
Shaft hardness HBW 180 – 400* 180 – 400*
Self lubricating Highly recommended Inadequate
Dirt acceptance Suitable Inadequate
Corrosion Suitable* Suitable*
High Loads Highly recommended* Neutral
Impact / vibration Suitable Suitable
High shaft rugosity Suitable Suitable
Small play Inadequate Inadequate
Misalignment Suitable Suitable
Price Neutral Neutro

* Values may vary according to alloy

  • Highly recommended
  • Suitable
  • Neutral
  • Inadequate

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