Manufacturer of bronze parts

MECAUTO is a manufacturer of bronze and self lubricating bronze parts according to client’s drawing.

Since 1989, we have manufactured bushings, plates and other bronze pieces according to drawings, offering our services to clients worldwide.

Bronze and self lubricated bronze based on clients’ drawings.

MECAUTO, which is part of Grupo Wisco, is specialised in the manufacture of machined and finished bronze pieces for clients use.

We adapt ourselves to our clients’ requirements, offering flexible production capacity for both single parts and for larger batches or series, always keeping to tight deadlines.

Our means of production and control allow us to meet the tolerances and specifications established by our clients, reaching a high level of precision.

Bronze expertise

Bronze is ideal for use in friction bearings due to its low friction coefficient, high thermal transmission and excellent characteristics in strength, toughness and corrosion resistance.

In Mecauto we have over 30 years experience in machining different bronze alloys, which allows us to control the machining processes required for each type of material and to attain the optimum result. Also, due to the fact that we work exclusively with bronzes from our groups’ foundry, we can guarantee a product of maximum quality and uniformity.

  • Machined bronze parts
  • Manufacture based on clients’ drawings
  • Integrated production
  • International service
  • 30 years experience
  • Single units and series