Integrated production

Part of Grupo Wisco

MECAUTO was created in 1989 by WISCO ESPAÑOLA, a continuous and centrifugal cast bronze foundry, with the objective of meeting the needs of its clients in machined bronze, aluminium bronze and high tensile brass products.

All of our pieces are manufactured with alloys produced by Wisco which allows us to guarantee maximum quality and traceability of the pieces.

Integrated production

As part of Grupo Wisco, Mecauto offers integrated production, from the raw materials and casting, to the final product.

Raw material




We machine alloys that have been produced in-house which offers substantial benefits with regards to the quality, uniformity, traceability and service we offer. It also allows us to have the maximum control throughout the process so that all stages involved are subject to exhaustive monitoring from start to finish: purchase of raw materials, their correct mixing, manufacturing processes, measurements and analysis, …, ensuring that the product complies with international standards.

In addition, we have more than 1.500Tn of different bronze alloys in stock in our facilities ready to be machined.