Bronze Nuts for Industrial Applications

Mecauto manufactures bronze nuts for OEMs, service and maintenance companies to meet the exacting specifications required in a wide range of industrial applications. We offer an outsourced machining service for bronze nuts, manufacturing precise parts to the designs supplied to us by our clients.

Over 30 years’ experience working with the specific requirements of bronze.

Bronze Nuts for Industrial Applications

We always offer competitive prices and delivery times for clients worldwide. We can manufacture single nuts and prototypes right through to large production runs.

We work in partnership with our clients, offering technical advice, assistance and recommendations based on over 30 years’ experience working with the specific requirements of bronze, high tensile brass and aluminium bronze as a material for the manufacture of nuts.

Bronze specialisation

Our experienced technical team and extensive machine pool specialised in bronze means we can not only manufacture simple nuts that don’t meet standard specifications but also more challenging, complex bronze parts.

Our flexibility and know-how allows us to manufacture non-standard bronze nuts even for unusual applications and intricate designs.

We can incorporate screw thread shafts and precision threaded ports in wear plates, bushings and other parts made of bronze and offer flanged bronze nuts.

Quality Control of Bronze Manufacture and Machining

Our own quality control system has been granted certification ISO 9001:2015.

Mecauto has maximum control, monitoring and traceability capabilities throughout the full manufacturing process from the reception of raw materials, through casting of the bronzes and their final machining.

As part of the Wisco group of companies, we have immediate access to the largest stock of bronzes in Europe, which allows us to meet tight deadlines for any urgent orders. In addition, Wisco’s large production capacity allows us to quickly manufacture bronzes, high tensile brasses and aluminium bronzes that meet any international standard.  Bronzes we carry in stock include tin bronzes, leaded bronzes, aluminium bronzes and high tensile brasses following EN 1982 and ASTM standards. Some of the most common alloys include:

Types of bronze nuts we have experience in manufacturing include

  • Bearing lock nuts

  • Shaft locknuts

  • Bearing retaining nuts

  • RIV nuts

  • Coupling nuts

  • T-Slot Nuts

  • Trapezoidal nuts (cylindrical)

  • Etc.

All the bronze nuts we manufacture use alloys produced in the Wisco foundry, Europe´s leading continuous and centrifugal cast bronze foundry.


Please find to follow some examples of bronze nuts we have manufactured following the designs supplied by our clients.

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