BG Technical Characteristics

Friction Coefficient

  • The Coefficient of friction fundamentally depends on the quality of the sliding surfaces, speed, temperature and load.
  • Decreases with an increasing load and after the start-up period
  • Increases with rising temperature, speed, and rugosity of the sliding surfaces
  • Value varies between 0.04 and 0.20, and for designing purposes we recommend to consider 0.15.

Conditions of the mating material

Efficiency of a self-lubricating bearing will be conditioned by the hardness and roughness of the mating material.

It is advisable that the surface finishes are between0.4 y 0.8 Ra. Values that are higher or lower than those indicated can significantly condition the sliding behaviour of the bearings.

Likewise, the recommended hardness of the mating material must be at least 100 Hb. points harder than the bearing. Depending on the working conditions, the recommended hardness can vary significantly.

The following table shows the minimum hardness of the mating material that the self lubricating product of Mecauto should have, in order to achieve the highest level of performance for the bearing during its operation (guide values)

Material Recommended minimum hardness for mating material
W-7 200 HB
W-12 200 HB
W-AlNi 300 HB
W-255 300 HB

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