Bronze Bearings - BR Series

A part of Mecauto’s range is based on conventional bronze bearings that require lubrication where friction occurs.

We machine bronze bearings according to clients’ drawings.

Bronze continues to be the main material used for friction bearing production. The range of alloys developed and the great variety of existing lubricants allow its use in a wide spectrum of operating conditions.

In order to meet the widest range of applications, Mecauto in collaboration with its parent company the continuous and centrifugal cast bronze foundry Wisco Española offers four alloy groups from which we have selected the most significant ones: Tin Bronze, Lead Bronze, Aluminium Bronze and High Tensile Brass. However, and thanks to this collaboration, other alloys which have not previously been mentioned can be manufactured where necessary.

We machine all our bronze bearings based on clients’ designs. Each part of the design of the piece, including the bronze alloy, bearing dimensions and other characteristics such as grooves, is personalized so as to adapt to the needs of the client.

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