Bronze Bushings

A bushing is a type of bearing in the form of a straight or flanged tube for sliding applications. Our BR Series comprises our bronze bushings range which are designed and manufactured to operate with external lubrication. The superior range of bronze alloys we offer and the large variety of compatible lubricants in the market allow these bushings to be used in a wide spectrum of operating conditions.

Over thirty 30 years’ experience in the manufacture of bronze bushings.

BR Series

To manufacture our bronze bushings Mecauto collaborates closely with clients so that the bushings we supply always exceed the quality required, are on time and within the established budgets.

For over thirty years bronze bushings manufactured in Mecauto have provided high levels of reliability and performance in our clients’ machinery across a range of sectors including valves, pumps, lifting, power transmission and public works. We work with leading manufacturers worldwide.

Bespoke Bronze Bushings

All Mecauto’s bushings are manufactured in bronze to our clients’ designs with the highest level of precision to ensure we meet exacting tolerances and specifications. The objective is to achieve the smallest coefficient of friction possible according to the working conditions, such as load, velocity, type of movement, environment, temperature and so on…

Our bespoke bushings are manufactured to offer a longs service life operating in the following conditions:

High Loads

Low Speeds

High Temperatures





Self Lubricating Bronze Bushings

For low or maintenance free applications, where an exterior lubrication system is avoided, we also manufacture self lubricating bushings with graphite inserts.

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Mecauto was created by the leading European continuous and centrifugal cast bronze foundry – Wisco.

Bushing Materials – Why Bronze?

Bronze is the ideal material for the manufacture of bushings due to its excellent friction resistance in applications of heavy loads at low speeds. It is hard, corrosion resistant, and operates well at high temperatures.

Mecauto was created by the leading European continuous and centrifugal cast bronze foundry – Wisco.  As such we offer the most complete range of bronze alloys in Europe and have over 1.500 tons in stock with immediate availability. The in-house production offers substantial benefits with regards to the quality, uniformity and traceability of the bronze bushings we manufacture.

The most common bronzes used in the manufacture of bushings are aluminium bronzes, tin bronzes and high tensile brasses. From Wisco’s wide range of alloys, we have selected some of the most appropriate due to their technical characteristics:

However, we offer a full range and can also manufacture bronze alloys as per clients’ requirements.

Types of bronze bushings

A bushing is a type of bearing in the form of a tube which is found in applications that have rotating or sliding elements, primarily in machinery. Bushings can also be called bushes and are often referred to as friction bushings, plain bearings, cylindrical bearings or sleeve bearings.

Bronze Guide bushing

Guide bushings or bushes are one of the most commonly found types of bearings found in industrial applications. Our in house specialist machining facilities allow us to manufacture high quality straight, flanged and grooved frictional bronze guide bushes according to the particular requirements of the client.

Machined bronze bushings

We have been manufacturing bronze bushings following our clients’ designs for over thirty years but are committed to permanently investing in our machine pool in order to incorporate the latest CNC technology and machinery.

We have been manufacturing bushings for over thirty years but are committed to invest in the latest technology and machinery.


To follow you will find a selection of bronze bushings that we have manufactured for our clients.

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