Bronze Slip Rings

Mecauto manufactures high quality bronze rings for use in a wide range of slip ring assemblies.

Over 30 years’ experience in the manufacture and machining of bronze slip rings.

Manufacture and Machining of Slip Rings

Slip rings have exacting specifications and machining requirements and require highly precise drilling and milling operations. Mecauto’s machinery pool of state of the art turning centres and CNC lathes ensures the pieces are manufactured quickly and accurately.

Mecauto has over thirty years’ experience in the manufacture and machining of slip rings that meet the exact requirements of our clients. Our highly specialised technical team can advise and support on the design of the parts and recommend the best match copper based alloy for its manufacture.

We exclusively manufacture slip rings in bronze, high tensile brass and aluminium bronze and always bespoke to our clients designs and specifications.

Bronze for Slip Rings

Bronze and other copper alloys such as high tensile brass is an ideal material for the manufacture of slip rings due to their excellent electrical conductivity and extended working life even in hostile working environments such as where there is humidity, marine environments and high temperatures.

Slip rings made from bronze offer several advantages over those manufactured using traditional metals such as steel in that they can increase efficiency, reduce failure rates in data tranmission, are more effective at dissipating heat and can reduce frictional wear.
Common slip ring bronzes include:

We carry a large stock of these and other bronzes in various sizes and can manufacture according to requirements.

Bronzes manufactured in house

All our slip rings are manufactured using bronzes from continuous & centrifugal cast processes from the leading European foundry Wisco. Mecauto is part of the Wisco group of companies which offers several benefits in terms of uniformity and traceability of the parts in addition to adding guarantees to ensure high quality.

We offer a permanent in-house stock of over 1,500 tons of the most common alloys and quick turnaround on the manufacture of other copper based alloys so we can meet tight deadlines on the manufacture of slip rings where required.

Worldwide delivery

We supply machined bronze rings to manufacturers of slip rings throughout the world, with competitive pricing and delivery times. We can supply slip rings manufactured from bronzes, high tensile brasses and aluminium bronzes according to any international standard.


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