MECAUTO is a manufacturer of bronze and self lubricating bronze parts according to client’s drawing. Since 1989, we have manufactured bushings, plates and other bronze pieces according to drawings, offering our services to clients worldwide.

Self Lubricating Bronze Bearings

The BG series comprises self lubricating bronze bearings which are maintenance free due to them being manufactured incorporating solid lubricant materials such as graphite inserts.

They are especially suited for applications where it is difficult to carry out manual lubrication or where oil or grease lubricants cannot be used. They offer excellent lubrication in heavy load and low speed conditions.

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Bronze Bearings

A part of Mecauto’s range is based on conventional bronze bearings that require lubrication where friction occurs.

Bronze has been and continues to be the main material used for manufacturing friction bearings. The range of alloys developed and the great variety of existing lubricants allow its use in a wide spectrum of operating conditions.

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Merry Christmas!

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We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024! Due to the holiday period, the company will be closed from the 25th Read more


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